What Will Happen if All The Ice On The Earth Suddenly Melts?

As we all know the Earth’s surface is covered with almost 70% water which is salty and non salty. And in that portion of water only 3% water is non salty or fresh water. Moreover in that 3% of non salty water, we have only 30% water which we can use as 70% water is in the form of glaciers, ice sheets etc. Now we are not unaware of the gradual climatic changes that have been affecting our ecosystem. Among them, glaciers of Arctic ocean is under great change. The ice of this ocean is melting with almost double speed. That’s a huge matter of concern. Here we are talking hypothetically that what would happen if all the ice melted.

Let’s watch this video from AsapSCIENCE from where this article is inspired from:

Animals On The Poles

Animals like polar bears, seals, walruses, etc. need an extreme cold climate for their habitat. Melting of ice would severely affect their habitat and they might have to leave their homes forever.

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Undersea Animals

Melting of ice will provide opportunities to people who are in constant hunting of resources around the earth. In doing so they will do air explosions to initiate the process of seismic blasting which will keep all the sea animals away from the sea.

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Rising Of Sea’s Level

If the ice on land (though most of the ice is on land) melted, the level of sea would rise pretty higher up to 70 meters. And this is gonna ring the alarm bells for half the citizens of the world who live near coasts. They would have to leave their coastal cities and trillions of economy would be lost in flood as well. If you’ve recently been parents, you should not miss baby show for the better parenting of your child.

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Further Rise In Temperature

Ice generally reflects back the sun’s rays into space keeping the earth cool. But as soon as it melts, the ocean water would absorb the sun’s scorching rays and would definitely rise the temperature of earth. This is another severe drawback.

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Disruptions In Ocean Currents

As we know there are the variations in ocean currents which is responsible for the stability of ecosystem. However, with the changes in ice the currents could also bring changes in themselves. This would affect harshly to the climate of some countries, creatures under sea, crops we grow and even the composition of oxygen in the atmosphere.

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