Top 5 YouTubers in The World With The Most Number of Subscribers! (Crazy Numbers!)

With the foundation of YouTube laid in the year 2005, it has grown by leaps and bounds in the lives of all across the world. The nerve of the population as per their likes and dislikes can be judged by the trend that is carried on YouTube as per the number of views on different videos being viewed by people across the world.

To secure the privacy of access to your YouTube account and control the views of your videos, you need to ensure DNS Security in your system. The YouTubers who have gained huge popularity since the trend of YouTube have taken its flow are as follows:

1. PewDiePie

This is the account of a Swedish gamer having 55 million subscribers who connect with his viewers with his humorous content while doing commentary when playing his game. He calls his fans as “Bro Army” He concludes every video by doing a “Bro Fist”. The huge increase in its viewers happened back in 2013 from a number of 3.5 million to 19 million.

2. HolaSoyGerman

An account of German Garmendia with around 31 million subscribers has come into existence in the year 2011. His videos have a humorous take on the day-to-day issues and are the highest viewed Spanish videos. The channel is the most subscribed Spanish channel on the platform.

3. Smosh

With about 22 million subscribers on YouTube, this channel is handled by the duo of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. They first gained popularity with the Pokemon voice overs and the songs of Mortal Kombat. Their popularity increased by leaps and bounds with the help of the skits like “Food Battle” which they started developing after gaining a large audience.

4. Nigahiga

His real name is Ryan Higa. With around 19 million subscribers, he debuted on the video website in the year 2006 alongside Fujiyoshi, Nago, and Enos. His channel is a hub of variety videos as the channel has content over varied topics and aspects.

5. JennaMarbles

This is the account of Jenna Mourey who has the most viewed videos and the highest number of subscribers (17.5 million) for a female-centric account on the website. The humorous content of her videos basically involves a raunchy aspect over different feelings on our different days.

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