Ever Seen A Glass Skateboard?? It’s For Real!

Some materials like glass are one of those which are so delicate and also heavy that it is really a pain to keep them maintained. We, anyways have a tendency to take care of those items which are very prone to break. Materials like Glass are dealt with so care in each and every aspect of our lives.

So, just a thought of a glass skateboard makes us feel it be unrealistic and very dangerous as well. Not to mention, but it will be pretty heavy too! All this is because when we fear to break items, our legs are the most instrumental body part to it. And, to use a skateboard which has to deal the pressure of entire body is just out of the world.

But, one such out of the world thing has been made possible by the Avenue Trucks which have built these glass skateboards. Before starting to move around over it, the glass has to be handled very well while unpacking from the packaged box. Following this, one has to fix the wheels on the glass skateboard.

The glass is to be tried with care over various surfaces. The thick width of the glass prevents the glass from breaking and handling the pressure of body weight. It might just prevent you from a visit to dental implants TorontoIt has been tried and tested by a group of enthusiastic guys.

It is altogether a different and extremely dangerous aspect to try this glass skateboard to carry out some stunts. This stunt was tried by some adventure enthusiasts. But, the glass broke off due to excess pressure on the edges.

However, it is a fun adventure. But, it is a really dangerous one. So, one needs to carry a broom and mop whenever one goes to try all this to clear the area so that no one else gets any cuts. Moreover, you are strictly advised not to try this at any point of time as it can be very deadly if the glass pierces down into your skin.

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