What Will Happen if All The Ice On The Earth Suddenly Melts?

As we all know the Earth’s surface is covered with almost 70% water which is salty and non salty. And in that portion of water only 3% water is non salty or fresh water. Moreover in that 3% of non salty water, we have only 30% water which we can use as 70% water is in the form of glaciers, ice sheets etc. Now we are not unaware of the gradual climatic changes that have been affecting our ecosystem. Among them, glaciers of Arctic ocean is under great change. The ice of this ocean is melting with almost double speed. That’s a huge matter of concern. Here we are talking hypothetically that what would happen if all the ice melted.

Let’s watch this video from AsapSCIENCE from where this article is inspired from:

Animals On The Poles

Animals like polar bears, seals, walruses, etc. need an extreme cold climate for their habitat. Melting of ice would severely affect their habitat and they might have to leave their homes forever.

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Undersea Animals

Melting of ice will provide opportunities to people who are in constant hunting of resources around the earth. In doing so they will do air explosions to initiate the process of seismic blasting which will keep all the sea animals away from the sea.

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Rising Of Sea’s Level

If the ice on land (though most of the ice is on land) melted, the level of sea would rise pretty higher up to 70 meters. And this is gonna ring the alarm bells for half the citizens of the world who live near coasts. They would have to leave their coastal cities and trillions of economy would be lost in flood as well. If you’ve recently been parents, you should not miss baby show for the better parenting of your child.

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Further Rise In Temperature

Ice generally reflects back the sun’s rays into space keeping the earth cool. But as soon as it melts, the ocean water would absorb the sun’s scorching rays and would definitely rise the temperature of earth. This is another severe drawback.

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Disruptions In Ocean Currents

As we know there are the variations in ocean currents which is responsible for the stability of ecosystem. However, with the changes in ice the currents could also bring changes in themselves. This would affect harshly to the climate of some countries, creatures under sea, crops we grow and even the composition of oxygen in the atmosphere.

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5 Things You Can Do Easily With The Help of Indoor Navigation System

indoor navigation

Starting from the first world map created in the late 16th century, mapping and positioning has advanced by leaps and bound. Today, there is very little of the world that has not been charted to the minutest detail. GPS (Global Positioning System) has made streets, alleys and buildings available to us in real time. Google and Apple maps make navigating an entirely unfamiliar area a breeze. But innovation never stops and thus, the next logical step in this technology was created – Indoor Navigation.

What is Indoor Navigation?

While GPS is great for mapping out streets and alleys, constructions cause the satellite based signal to lose its power significantly. As a result, the interior of buildings cannot be mapped. To rectify this short coming, Indoor Navigation, or Indoor Positioning System (IPS) was developed.

IPS uses radio waves, WiFi signals, Bluetooth, magnetic positioning and other methods to map out the areas of any building and give the user a virtual sense of the walls, doors and walkways. It can locate objects, or people inside a building, however orientation or direction still remains a challenge. Even so, IPS has a variety of uses.

Aid for Visually Impaired

Visual impairment has been defined as sight loss that cannot be repaired by lenses or surgery. A key aspect of overcoming the disability is being independent enough to navigate by oneself. IPS can create a virtual set up of any home, mall, airport or hospital so that the person can travel unhindered, without requiring help.

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality environment and games are the next big thing to hit the market. With products like Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus flooding the market, we have already begun the journey to a completely-functional walkable 3D gaming environment. By integrating these games with IPS we can make this concept a reality. The IPS can help model the game according to the user’s requirement, thus preventing accidents and injury. Furthermore, this would provide unique gaming experience for each user.

Guided Maps

Have you ever visited a mall or an airport in a foreign city and gotten lost? Or maybe you have been in a foreign country where none of the signs made any sense. IPS can provide a virtually guided tour so that there is no confusion when you are travelling. Since the system has already mapped out the building, you would only need to follow directions to reach your destination.

Emergency Responses

While commercial tech can track a call’s location to an area or a building, first responders cannot accurately pinpoint where in the building a person might need help. IPS could rectify by this by helping law enforcement officials chart out a building’s interior and accurately navigate the situation  to best help citizens in need. A study published by Federal Communications Commission (US) in 2013 recommended further testing and progress in the field of indoor positioning for E-9-1-1 responders.

Fighting Fire

Firefighters are frequently hindered by the inability to determine if and where survivors may still be present in a building. Furthermore, a partially collapsed building may have sealed passages due to displaced beams which barricade their path. IPS can easily determine these obstacles and navigate a safe route for fire marshals to do their jobs effectively.

While Indoor Navigation is still in its infancy, progress is being made continuously. A mere year after the FCC’s report tests show that the Emergency 911 indoor positioning needs may be met by available technology. Google, Microsoft and Apple have already stepped into the fray. Michello Inc is leading the market in indoor venue maps. It is safe to say, in a few years, indoor mapping will be as common to us as GPS is to any smartphone user.

Understanding The DNS Firewall: Our Own Dark Knight

DNS firewall

If you are reading this, I am sure you have an access to the internet and might have come across the term DNS at least once in your life. For those of you what it actually is, be assured, it is indeed a fascinating technology and almost all Internet applications make use of it, including the device which you are currently using.


Firstly, let me start by explaining what a DNS basically is.

The DNS stands for The Domain Name System, as the Computer is not as clever as us,

It is unable to comprehend when we type something as elementary or iconic as www.google.com or www.facebook.com. In order for the computer to process human readable domain names we use the DNS algorithm which converts the above stated domain names into Computer readable IP addresses.


Now you may wonder what an IP address is.

It is a 32 bit number divided into 4 octets separated by decimals. In other words If you type in WWW.GOOGLE.COM or its IP address74.125.236.37, both shall yield the same result and you shall be diverted to its iconic web page.


What is a DNS Firewall?

A DNS Firewall can help you control what domain names, IP addresses, and name servers are allowed to function on your network. In other words it works as a Police Office, preventing unwanted or nefarious IP’s and domain names from entering your private network.


When was it created and Why?

DNS firewall works on the response policy zone (RPZ) mechanism. The RPZ protocol was developed by the Internet Systems Consortium under the leadership of Paul Vixie. It was a segment of the BIND Domain Name Server (DNS) and was first published as BIND release 9.8.1 in the year 2010.

Every single day a whole ton of new names are added to the worldwide DNS, and the majority of them have a place with con artists, spammers, e-lawbreakers, and examiners. The DNS business has a ton of exceptionally competent and aggressive recorders and registries that have made it a Child’s play to make another name in a fraction of seconds, and to consistently make a large number of them every day.


What protocol does it work on and how does it work?

The DNS firewall works on a protocol called the RPZ. The RPZ stands for Response Policy Zone. The RPZ protocol is distributed as an open and seller unbiased standard for the exchange of DNS Firewall setup data, permitting various DNS resolution software’s to actualize it. In layman’s terms, it means you can design the system in such a way that you can control which IPs are allowed to connect to your system hence stopping the unwanted ones.


Everyday examples which will help you understand the system better..

Consider the scenario that a girl, Stacy utilizes a PC which utilizes a DNS Firewall system and she receives an email with a connection that seems to make plans to some place that she trusts, but is unaware of the actual evil intent. In such a case, the DNS system comes to play. It sends her to a safe location which may be a web site which informs her of what has happened.

So, the bottom line is that there are plenty of threats to the DNS and DNS firewall is one of the few solutions to them!

What You Lose When You Decide You Don’t Need A Personal Injury Lawyer?

personal injury lawyers toronto

We all know that the smartest thing to do after an accident is to hire a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury lawyers can help you assess your situation; decide if the case stands a chance of winning in a court trial and recommending the course of action.

But, in some cases, hiring a personal injury lawyer can be expensive and on doing cost-benefit analysis, a person may decide that he/she can handle the case on their own, without the help of a personal injury lawyer. Though it absolutely possible to handle an accident case and claim for your injuries without a lawyer’s aid, it is extremely difficult to handle because of various factors.

The first thing that makes it difficult to go about without the help of personal injury lawyers toronto is the never-ending list of things that need to be taken care of. There are so many small details to take care of, numerous phone calls to make and as someone who has just been injured or someone who’s loved one is injured, it is difficult to think straight and deal with these things.

Just attending the phone calls is in itself tiring. A day after the accident, the insurance companies begin to call, trying to settle the claim. Their calls are usually regular and repetitive, continuously trying to persuade the victim to close the case. If a lawyer is hired, the calls will be taken care of in the lawyer’s office.

Also, since a lawyer knows how to deal with these cases, they can handle it a lot better than an average person. An insurance company can make a normal person give contradictory statements or confused statements describing the accident, which can later be used against the victim. These tricks may not fool an experienced attorney and they have a better chance of chasing away the bad guys.

The insurance companies usually suggest an amount for the injury which seems fair and reasonable for an inexperienced person. They would claim to cover most of the injury’s expenses, along with the surgery’s cost, if any. To a normal person, this seems fair enough and as long as it does not cost a hole in our pocket, we are tempted to take the deal.

However, this is not a sweet deal and a personal injury lawyer Toronto would see right through it. The insurance company has to cover the follow-up visits to the doctor, corrective surgery’s cost (if it is required), therapy, etc. A lawyer can ensure that you get all these as a part of your settlement.

The next thing is that hiring a lawyer can also get you compensation for your sufferings which need not necessarily be physical. If your accident has caused you to lose your job or altered your life in some major way, then a lawyer can help you claim an amount that will help you get through these difficult times.

Ultimately, though it looks like not hiring a lawyer is a cheaper solution, it actually isn’t. When you don’t hire a personal injury lawyer, you just don’t know what your losses are.

Why You Should Replace Your Carpets With Wooden Flooring?

wood flooring toronto

As a homeowner, one of the most difficult choices you will ever have to make is the type of flooring you want installed in your house. Though the colour of the walls and other such things also seem quite important, flooring is something you’ll not be able to change easily.

Each person is different and so is each house. Choosing the type of flooring may depend on the individual’s taste, their comfort and their budget. While some people think hardwood flooring makes the house look classy, others like the soft feel of a carpet on their feet when they wake up in the morning.

Carpet flooring is good for quite a number of reasons. It is soft, muffles noises, prevents things from breaking when they fall on the floor, comfortable especially when you have little kids moving and crawling around the house.

However, using a floor carpet mainly depends on your lifestyle. There are a lot of things to consider when you decide to get carpet flooring. If you have pets, you have to ensure that your pets are potty trained. The family has to be careful not to spill food on the floor because it could ruin the expensive carpet and also, it is difficult to wash. Care has to be taken to ensure that the carpet is washed regularly to prevent allergies. Shoes have to be removed at the doorstep because they can be a source of infection. Maintaining carpets can be quite difficult.

Wood flooring toronto, on the other hand, does not have all these problems. It is what buyers would want when they look for potential houses to purchase because hardwood flooring is something that can never go out of style. It will always be in demand and it gives the entire house a classy look that cannot be achieved with any other type of flooring.

Though it can initially cost more than a carpet, it is an investment that adds a lasting value to your house. It is also easier to maintain. Spills can be wiped clean; other stuff like pet hair can be easily detected and removed. Sweeping wooden floors is much easier than maintaining a carpet and it does not pave way for allergies.

Also, wood flooring is ever-lasting. Wood is something that is known to last for decades and with proper care and refinishing, it can last for years together without the need for replacement.

Wood comes in different colours and textures these days. Though the choices are less compared to the different types and colours carpets come in, there are still plenty of varieties to choose from.

Ultimately, it is the choice of the owner to choose the right type of flooring to suit their needs and personal taste. Though wooden flooring is recommended for their lasting value and durability, in the end, it depends on what the owner wants. Also, some people tend to do choose different types of flooring for the different rooms. While the living room can have wooden floors, the bedrooms can have carpets. The options are plenty!

What Exactly is A CRM Software And Where It Can be Used?

Real Estate CRM Software

You don’t define your company as a bunch of people working together under a roof. It is much more than that. It is your dreams, ambitions, and hopes molded into one. You might be running a successful venture, or might have just started one, one thing you can’t miss out on is customer relationship management. Customers are a big asset to a company. Taking into account the ever-increasing competition, a dependable CRM mechanism has become a compulsion nowadays. A Real Estate CRM Software is a user-friendly software which allows business owners to keep track of all customer records, such as their contact information, your transactions with them and other such useful data.

How does it work?

As already mentioned, a CRM software helps to manage the customer-related information. All the information is stored in a cloud storage which enables the user to get the access to it from any device at any time. You just need to create your account on the server and you are ready to get started. CRM software nowadays provide many innovative and user-friendly features. You can even set your company’s goals and see customer insights easily.

Earlier, the users had to pay a big price to get access to any of these softwares. However, with the increase in competition and easy access to technology, the developers have made these softwares reach the middle and small-level businesses.

Perks of having an ideal CRM software

-Memorizing the contacts of 5-10 people might be easy, but as the number increases, you can no more be dependent on your memory to remember all those contacts. Come on! Use your brain for some productive stuff, why trouble it for memorizing a few contacts?

-There are other options available, such as e-mails and phone contacts, but none of them can provide satisfaction. If they did, there was no need for a software as such. Working with a software solely dedicated to your purpose is a better way to go ahead with your business.

-Planning is the key to success, and the meaning of success changes from time to time. For example, if you have just started a company, your first goal would be to establish strong relations with your potential customers. For being successful in this task, you shall need a proper plan, and an ideal Real Estate CRM Software can fulfill all your needs.

-You can regularly update the statuses of your customers and check if they are available. This makes you stay in touch with them.

-Interaction with your customers is very important. A million-dollar deal can sometimes be signed over a cup of coffee. To build strong relationships with your customers, you have to keep in mind the stream of conversation with them. CRM software nowadays come with aninteractive interface which lets you know your customers well.

Keep your data safe! Cloud storage is the safest place to store your data. Even if all of your personal devices get damaged, you can still have the access to your valuable information. That’s the best part of it.

Thus, a CRM software doesn’t only help you keep the record of your customers, but acts as a personal assistant to you- A loyal one too! Get a CRM software today and enjoy its everlasting benefits.

How To Make Moving To A New Place With Kids Less Stressful?

If you think moving to a new house or a new place is stressful, then you definitely cannot imagine how it can get hundred times more difficult when you have little kids to take care of. There’s always the problem of preparing them for the move; telling them that they will make new friends in their new school or new neighborhood. But it’s a lot more than that; packing your things when you constantly have to watch over your kids can be overwhelming.

There are a hundred different things to do when you’re moving. There are a lot of precious things to pack carefully, uncountable cardboard boxes to fill and label, making sure everything you own can be fit inside the boxes you have. The list is endless.

Packing your little child’s stuff can be especially difficult because there are so many toys and you need to make sure you know right where everything is. You never know when they’ll suddenly come up to you and ask for that particular doll because they just have to play with it right now. Unless you label everything so clearly, you might have no clue where the doll is and you might end either with a few unpacked boxes or a crying kid.

However, things can be brought under control if you just plan ahead. The first thing to do when preparing for a move with kids is ensuring that you make them believe that the situation is exciting. The move, the packing – everything is exciting and is part of an adventure. This will make them feel like they should be part of the moving and want to help.

Now, they can be made responsible for packing their own toys. Stuffed toys can go into one box; toy cars into another. Unlike us, they will remember exactly where they have put their beloved toys and will make sure that they haven’t missed anything. This will save you from future panic when they suddenly complain that this particular thing is missing and you have no clue as to what that thing is.

Note that it is important to make them pack one box of toys on the last day. They will need something to keep them occupied till the last day of packing and these toys can give them something to play with.

Lastly, though it is definitely not impossible to do everything on your own, it is always easier when you hire packers and movers at least to help you with some part of the moving process. This can reduce your stress and take a huge burden off your shoulders. You can take the time to deal with the feelings of your kids, helping them cope with the change while getting your move perfectly going according to schedule.