5 Best Tips for a Successful Car Title Loan

It is estimated that half of Canadians live paycheque to paycheque. With stagnant wages, a tight labour market, and record consumer debt levels, is it any wonder why households are struggling to keep their heads above water?

Despite media outlets casting a shadow over Canadians’ heads pertaining to their debts, you cannot blame the typical consumer for the ocean of red ink – it’s hard staying alive in this environment.

Credit cards, lines of credit, home equity lines of credit (HELOC), payday loans; there are so many ways Canadians can access the consumer market. But there is a new trend that is traveling up north from the United States: car title loans.

A car title loan is a secured loan where borrowers can use their automobile title as collateral in exchange for funds. Borrowers are required to permit lenders to place a lien on their car title and temporarily hand over a hard copy of the title.

When you desperately need the funds to replace your fridge, fix your washer, or pay for daycare, this is a viable option – as long as you repay the money.

Need the funds? Interested?

Here are five tips for a successful car title loan:


3 Signs of a Locksmith Scam

How do you know a locksmith is about to scam you?

Well, before you even consider an answer to this question, I am sure you don’t like being locked out of your house or office. Neither do you feel like spending half an hour Googling and sizing up various locksmiths in your area. You just want to get into your house!

If you find yourself imprisoned on either side of your door, the quickest solution is to get someone who knows how to pry locks open as quickly as possible. It is, however, not easy to get a professional locksmith who knows how to unjam keys and locks.

Being desperate to get into your house makes you vulnerable to locksmith scams. To help get you into your house today and find a reliable locksmith to help you do so, here are some telltale signs of a locksmith scam you should keep away from.


7 Simple Tricks to Save Money on Moving

Moving can be a very expensive venture to take on when you transition to the next part of your life, but it is a necessary one. Especially if you have a lot of furniture to move and a lack of resources to move a lot of items yourself, the costs can begin to climb severely.

This is why it is very important to find money-saving tactics through making the most of your space and time while moving. Here are a few simple ways you can save money while making that big move:


5 Best Practices to Maximize GIC Returns

The terms and conditions of a GIC investment can change depending on the institution. Although savvy investors are aware of these changes, the majority of first-time depositors are at risk of being unprepared when deciding on an institution Some of the most important changes that can impact the investment are outlined in more detail below and include: the term of the investment, the penalty fees associated with accessing it, the ease of withdrawing the funds, and the overall rate of interest.


7 Steps to Buying Your First Motorcycle Helmet

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most pleasurable activities you can engage in. However, before you venture out and on to the road, make sure you have the appropriate riding gear for maximum protection. One of the most important components of your riding gear is the helmet.

There are different types of helmets depending on the bike you want to ride. For instance, motorcycle helmets are different from those for motocross or dirt bikes.

Motorcycle helmets include modular, dual sport, half shell, full face, and open face helmets. To make the task of picking the right helmet easy for you, the following guide provides six useful questions and their answers.