6 Signs That Tell You It’s Time To Call Your Roofer

It’s natural to think that our roofing is fine as long as we don’t see anything falling from our roof. After all, we all live in tight budgets here and we’d all try not to think about the fact that our roof might need replacement in a few years.

However, it is always best if you notice your roof problems earlier and get it fixed. Otherwise, it is just going to cost you more and ultimately, the aim here is to be wise and reduce the amount of money we spend.

So, here are 6 signs that can serve as a warning to tell you that it’s time to bring your roofer into the picture.

1. Your Roof Is More Than 20 Years Old

The average lifespan of a roof is about 20-25 years. If you haven’t changed your roofing in over 20 years, then you might definitely have to replace it in a few years time. Remembering the age of your roof can help you plan and schedule your roof replacement accordingly.

2. There Are Cracks On Your Roof

A few shingles are missing and there are cracks here and there on your roof. Though you can try to fix this on your own without bringing in a roofer, it is always advisable to seek professional help when dealing with missing shingles. Since they know better, can identify the root cause and fix it.

3. Sagging roofs

Sagging roofs are a sign that you need to call your roofer immediately. It means that the roof is weakened, causing structural damage and needs to be replaced as early as possible. Putting this off for later can be a very bad decision on your part.

4. Clogged Gutters

A roofer can also help you fix your gutter. Your gutter plays the role of directing the water away from your house. Clogged gutters or leaking gutters cannot perform this task effectively and might lead to damage of your house and so, they have to be fixed.

5. Wet Spots And Moisture

If you begin to see wet spots or moisture on your ceiling or wet floors on your attic, it might mean that your roof is leaking. A roofer can identify the leaks and fix them immediately, thus saving your roof from further damage.

6. Excessive Moss and Algae On the Roof

Moss and algae can damage your roof significantly. They can cause damage to the shingles and ultimately, lead to the replacement of your roof. If there is only a small amount of moss or algae, it can be treated on your own using chemicals like zinc sulfate or potassium, an excessive amount needs the help of a roofer.

There are many other tips that can help you identify if your roof needs fixing. It is ultimately our role to notice and periodically pay attention to our roof to identify if it needs to be worked upon. Roofers Toronto are always available to help you understand what’s wrong with your roof and provide lasting solutions and fixes, according to your requirements.

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