3 Signs of a Locksmith Scam

How do you know a locksmith is about to scam you?

Well, before you even consider an answer to this question, I am sure you don’t like being locked out of your house or office. Neither do you feel like spending half an hour Googling and sizing up various locksmiths in your area. You just want to get into your house!

If you find yourself imprisoned on either side of your door, the quickest solution is to get someone who knows how to pry locks open as quickly as possible. It is, however, not easy to get a professional locksmith who knows how to unjam keys and locks.

Being desperate to get into your house makes you vulnerable to locksmith scams. To help get you into your house today and find a reliable locksmith to help you do so, here are some telltale signs of a locksmith scam you should keep away from.

1. Unbelievably Low Quotes

If a locksmith is taunting a ‘professional’ service at a price that is too low you have to pinch yourself twice to believe it, proceed with caution. That advertised basement price or phone quote may be thus packaged only to get your business.

Once you sign them on, you will be surprised to find out the unmissable offer only covers the service call. That’s when they tell how much it will cost to unlock your door, perhaps another $50 or $100! If you are getting a quote on the phone and you sense the guy is a bit evasive, look for another locksmith. A professional locksmith will provide you with a correct quote. If possible, get a written one.

2. Adding Fees before Doing the Work

A professional locksmith is forthright. You pay what they quoted; no more, no less. Besides, they won’t ask for payment before they start working. If a locksmith arrives and starts adding fees or asking for payment before they start working, you have a doubtful locksmith before you.

Besides the fact that you will be paying more than you bargained for, you may end up with more costs since an unprofessional, unskilled locksmith could leave your lock in a worse state than it was before you called them in. You will be surprised how many people seek the services of a professional locksmith after being scammed by quacks who disabuse the locksmith profession.

Look for telltale signs in the behaviour of a locksmith. If something is off about them, even if you cannot put your finger on it, trust your guts and get yourself a real professional.

3. The Locksmith Showed up in an Unmarked Car

This is a big, red, screaming flag a scam artist is in your driveway! Don’t even consider letting in a locksmith who arrives in an unmarked vehicle. It gets worse if they are not wearing a uniform. You simply cannot let them in. Send them away as politely as possible and get yourself a real locksmith. Imagine letting them work on your locks only to leave them damaged further, and you have no idea where they came from, or which company they work for. Send them away before they part you with your hard earned cash.

An ideal professional locksmith will proudly display the logo of the company they work for and wear branded uniforms that appear to say, “You can trust me”. They will also not fidget about their fees as they have these clearly stipulated in the quote they sent you. Besides, they will charge you the exact fee for the service; no more, no less. On the other hand, a quack ‘locksmith’ is an exact antithesis of the one just described.

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