10 Benefits of Advancing Your Real Estate Commission

Real estate commissions take a long time to transfer into your account. You have to wait until you have closed the sale to receive the cash. However, there are companies that are now offering a cash advancement on commissions which will help you build your business and give you more cash flow access. These companies are not charging high interests, instead they charge the lowest fees to benefit your finances.

There are many reasons for advancing your commission. You can fund marketing expenses and grow your business. Most importantly, you have more cash flow. This allows you to stop worrying about when you get paid and focus more on selling real estate property.

Here are some important reasons to consider a company that offers an advance on your commission:

1. Lower fee guarantee

Alternatives such as a credit line, credit card or even a loan are all expensive options. A professional commission advance provider offers a low fee guarantee. You can also obtain tax deductibles on your advance commission. Commission advance services allows you to receive your commission at a low cost and within 24 hours.

2. No hidden fees

You will not be surprised with hidden fees. The commission advance provider presents you will all upfront fees, rates and tax benefits that you can receive for considering their service. The rates are provided on their website along with the days and corresponding percentages.

3. No administration fees

There is no application fee or processing fee. You just have to submit your application and simply wait for your approval.

4. No need for a credit check

Commission advance is not a loan. This is why credit check is not a criteria to determine your eligibility. You only have to provide confirmation of a purchase to be eligible. The approval is based on the deal and not on your credit history.

5. Quick and same-day approval

The approval process is fast and simple. As soon as you submit your application and it is approved, you will receive an advance contract to sign. Soon after the signature, the funds are directly deposited into your bank account overnight or the next morning. The approval is hassle-free. You only have to confirm a purchase on a real estate property.

6. No holdbacks

As soon as your purchase contract is signed, you can get your commission when you consider a commission advance service. There is no deposits or holdbacks unlike other organizations that charge a holdback amount.

7. No minimum and maximum amounts

The commission advance company is not looking for any minimum or maximum commission amount to determine your eligibility. You can apply based on any real estate sales amount.

8. Invest in marketing and grow your business

You don’t have to wait to fund your marketing initiatives. With continuous cash flow, you have the necessary funds to invest in ongoing advertisement. This way, you don’t have to wait until you close each sales to invest in your business. With consistent cash flow you can advertise regularly and grow your client base. This service allows you to easily dominate your market.

9. No waiting

You can receive your commission in cash based on a pending commission or confirmed purchase of a property. You can monetize transactions without having to wait for all banking transactions to be completed.

10. Business never stops growing

Cash flow is key to your business success. Your growth strategies are not dependent on commission paid as you have a consistent supply of cash flow. You can move forward stress-free without having to worry about limited funds and delays on your business growth.

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